Volkswagen - Bora Routine maintenance and safety measures ( one )

Volkswagen Jetta sedan is the launch of the car or truck , to the Adriatic fresh new sea breeze identify. Bora belongs to the fourth technology A -Class , furthermore to adhering to the traditional style thought of high quality , sturdy and trustworthy , but much more emphasis on individualized, dynamic and new systems , is often a driver's auto . FAW-Volkswagen Bora offers for your four engines are 1.6L, 1.8L, 1.8T gasoline and 3 diesel engines a 1.9LTDI . Particular notice Use authentic gasoline additive
Quite a few cars and trucks will likely be difficult to start a cold vehicle , immediately after starting the idle shake , even flameout. Because of towards the rather inadequate high-quality of the oil , the oil consists of far more pectin and waxy , extended following the engine is managing , gum and wax precipitation , valve fashioned a spotlight of matter and carbon . When activated , the spray nozzle gasoline is carbon adsorption, cannot enter the cylinder gasoline combustion . Alternatives can be used to stay away from demolition and cleaning valve nozzle , or employing the initial gasoline additive.
Fuse box over the battery temperature is bigger
Substantial summer time temperatures , the engine function setting is undesirable , there will overload the fuse box terminal ablation phenomenon occurs if you use . Must pay attention to your situation with the harness once the proprietor driving the temperature , when the temperature is large , the proposed company station house owners to tackle the fuse box column for processing, the oxide layer is erased.
Fault Interpretation Lead poisoning will cause weak point accelerated oxygen sensor
Spring of April , many house owners should visit the outskirts of tour . The owner of the gas station about the outskirts of poor high-quality oil extra , the larger from the oxygen sensor is broken. Predominantly because the label on the outskirts of gasoline not up to conventional , which leaded a lot more affect throughout the motor digital regulate process (ecu tuning) perform appropriately , ensuing in inability to accelerate and so forth. Industry experts counsel that should you go to an unfamiliar put , you need to pick a higher quality of gasoline when compared to the recommended stage . FGTech Galletto 2 can be utilized for process debug and strengthen the performance on the car.

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