Nissan gas doorway and can not rework high gear speed

Nissan V6 engine with digital gasoline injection tough start off , driving fuel door and might not transform significant equipment velocity Once you come upon this failure, the main to work with experienced automotive diagnostic problems codes Launch X431 GX3 inspection discovered no fault code.

Test the starting off line , find out the starter clutch equipment and rotor wheel have been broken, leading to setting up issues and substitute it which has a new starter , the fault persists, verify the transmission procedure as a result of no fault of high-voltage flashover exam each individual cylinder , arcing usual , therefore excluding the defective sensor , electronic ignition and ignition coils , spark plugs conclude defective spark plugs of each and every cylinder individually checked and found only one cylinder spark plug to operate, the rest of the five -cylinder spark plugs have unique levels of ablation , 1 the cylinder is a spark plug centre electrode burn off owing to ignition failure resulting in regular combustion .

After the replacement on the spark plug troubleshooting. In the meantime , inferred with the higher than oxygen sensor fault problem to the catalytic converter while using the exhaust fuel purification product is definitely failed. The main functionality on the oxygen sensor relies within the oxygen focus from the exhaust gasoline air-fuel ratio is calculated , yet again supply system despatched a negative comments signal , to make sure that the digital management unit (ECU tuning) from the injection pulse is corrected. Following testing is in truth faulty oxygen sensor , an oxygen sensor replacement , troubleshooting .

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