Nissan demeanor popular fault fix

Circumstance I: Nissan demeanor A32, 1998 styles , water leakage , causing punch. After the maintenance shop to switch the cylinder liner outdoors , look unstable idle , and in extreme flameout. The driving force requested to re servicing. Soon after getting the car found lots of idle valve is altered to open the radiator cap , begin the motor anhydrous ejected from your tank , and the tank cycle effectively. Description head ordinary, no punching phenomenon . Entry cylinder gauge to measure the cylinder pressure is typical. Access Launch scan tool not faulty code , knowledge flow examination discovered the sign plate enamel seem as 176 teeth , 180 enamel typical , suspect sign tooth defect. Asked the motive force . Eliminating the driver Crankshaft Pulley mirror repairman , use a screwdriver to pry the flywheel . Then remove the gearbox and engine crankshaft position sensor junction , the crank crankshaft flywheel noticed many missing enamel , change the flywheel , troubleshooting.

Situation II: grace A33, 2000 styles , mileage 70000km. Mirror intermittent stalling the car driver , is cleaned idle valve failure in other plant continues to be. Following obtaining the maintenance obtain Launch X431 gx3 diagnostic . Examine the difficulty codes. Knowledge move assessment , identified which the air circulation meter voltage at idle is 1.48V. 2500r/min when 2.0V, air-fuel ratio correction coefficient , idle 58% a 83% , injection time is 3.1ms. Entry exhaust fuel analyzer . Which HC is: 330 to 440 multiply six destructive side 10. CO is concerning 3.4% to seven.2 %. You'll be able to decide the air movement meter failure , resulting in fuel ratio imbalance , the combined gasoline partial concentration . Correction approach from the laptop or computer occasional flameout phenomenon , the alternative of your air movement meter, entry diagnostic performed within the idle air movement meter circuit diagram ( hand-drawn -speed self-learning and re- tests. Airflow meter , idle voltage of 1.29V , 2500r/min when 1.81V, the gas injection time is 2.1ms, air-fuel ratio correction aspect is 97% to 101% . obtain exhaust gas analyzer , then Hc 6 to 25 from the destructive aspect 10 , CO diminished to below 1% , indicating that the fault continues to be fully dominated out . 1 week later on, for reference only ) cellular phone tracking consumers, didn't show up flameout phenomenon .

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