Mercedes-Benz driving engine knock and vibration when shifting fault

Symptom: When the motor is working , the " shoop, shoop, shoop " sort of diverse sounds , and abnormal vibration when shifting .
Troubleshooting : In order to affirm the failure signs or symptoms that commence the motor take a look at, at idle condition , abnormal seem is incredibly modest, unable to hear plainly , but within the idle state to some wave of air conditioning switch on, instantaneously create " shoop, shoop, shoop " the belt slip seem. Applying car diagnostic tool Benz MB Star C3 Professional diagnostic exams and found no fault codes, air con compressor belt slippage is the bring about irregular audio created from the motor . Belt slipping reason than getting older , poor belt tensioner , belt tensioner adjuster and bad.
Secondly confirmation abnormal vibration when shifting from N place to the R posture , D equipment alter equipment and during gearshifts every time they have a very fantastic vibration . Perform driving exams , from 3 to four stalls and stalls upshift from 4th equipment to 3rd equipment downshift when velocity fewer vibration , a file with two documents in between upshift and downshift among 2nd and third gear upshift and downshift significant vibration . Velocity vibrating as well much purpose in comparison to the generate shaft rubber coupling aging or fracture , automatic transmission working stress is just too substantial or automated transmission interior elements poor .
Initially appear change vibration motives, recurring operation with the equipment selector lever to check speed vibration . Exam success from your N placement into the D place transform , the clutch concluded an instant "Goo laugh " seem, vibration and afterwards "rattle " audio, within the driver's seat may also be evidently recognized . In the event the sound is created by an automated transmission , it's very obscure . Immediately raise up the vehicle for any examination push shaft rotation , the hand can swing all around to listen to the "click , click on, " a small seem. Take away the push shaft rubber coupling deformation was discovered for being cracked.
Determined by the above results of operations , the undesirable sections, specifically air conditioning compressor travel belt , belt tensioner , belt tensioner adjuster changed jointly . These 3 areas supporting the substitution effect greater. Because the shift arising from unique sound , hence the substitute from the generate shaft rubber elastic coupling .
Soon after exam driving operation , the end result is totally various seem motor eliminated with the N posture when switching on the driving vary and the gearshifts are also fully removes vibration .

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