Hyundai Sonata after the vehicle stalled Troubleshooting

A Hyundai Sonata 2.0 sedan, mileage 55,000 km, customers mirror the vehicle just after the car stalled , ahead of staying dragged in the restore station just after flooding, since the engine manage unit inlet , circuit boards corroded , change with new elements right after the fault appeared . According to the plant's routine maintenance staff to speak , they utilize a scan device autel maxidas ds708 with multilanguage update online ( You may also use a far more qualified car diagnostic Original Launch X431 GX3 Car Diagnostic Tool) test engine manage procedure hassle codes , measure the gasoline process hydraulic strain 355 kPa, for injection flow exams were completed were being regular , expended two days time also didn't establish the reason for the malfunction . After receiving the vehicle , the usage of diagnostic screening , I stand devoted motor control procedure , no fault codes ; observation knowledge stream once the ignition change is while in the ON place found no abnormalities. Taking into consideration the failure from the automobile is water , although the substitute of your engine control unit , however the wiring harness connector should have problems? So I disconnect the engine handle device connector and its decomposition , after mindful observation, uncovered on the bottom row from the connector has discoloration . Just after ethanol with rust remover and cleaned all connectors happen to be oxidized , and method control device grounding line , refitted and begin the vehicle , the fault persists . Immediately after knowing the plant routine maintenance staff , which the motor vehicle engine handle unit is acquired from exterior , I believe it's not at all initial equipment. Then the engine manage device mounted about the motor vehicle other ordinary test , the car was observed usual , without abnormality following the vehicle , the situation is not really seen while in the engine control device . The explanation according to the car's fault symptom assessment , failure phenomenon may cause the vehicle are:

1 injector is just not doing work adequately .

2 alone is faulty.

3 motor ignition timing is incorrect.

4 pressure regulator .

five idling actuator.

6 consumption tension sensors. Accomplished the injector flow check outcome is standard , the possibility which the engine command device can exclude problems . With an oscilloscope to test the crankshaft situation sensor and camshaft place sensor sync waveform is regular . Pushed by tester forced idling motors, valves may be typically open up ( motor vehicle idling motor is managed obligation cycle manner) . Secondary ignition procedure with the oscilloscope history running waveforms , screening the car soon after the ignition flame if the waveform found ignition breakdown voltage is greater than usual , you could identify the ignition system alone is not any issue, the key reason behind the higher ignition voltage is mixture as well dilute the expected ignition vitality is superior , the breakdown voltage might be larger than usual. It seems that the trouble nevertheless lies in the gasoline technique. Repairman with an oscilloscope to look at the injection time , the vehicle was discovered at the start of the injection time 2.nine ms, but later on gradually disappeared, it seems the engine manage unit did not concern the injector signal. There is absolutely no ignition sign injector signal, when the gentleman from your consumption into flamable gases needs to be able Koupen the vehicle . So I would carburetor cleaner with the consumption Koupen to the motor can be began . Due to the fact the engine immediately after combustion may be artificially injected to the auto , plus the gas injection quantity of your examination is completed , then confirm that the dilemma is always that the engine handle device to manage the injection signal. So repairman decided to diligently analyze the data stream to have the ability to come across some clues which , and so the ignition switch from the ON point out, the failure to look at the related diagnostic information engine control method and found the ingestion strain is equal to atmospheric pressure , voltage is regular. From the details stream appears struggling to find an exception. Following the repairman after which start out the motor and read the info circulation , information movement as a result of observation , this time instantly discovered repairman consumption stress sensor signal would not transform, or equal to the atmospheric stress , which often can ascertain the consumption strain sensor is damaged . Substitute this sensor will resolve the condition? Final results Right after changing the consumption stress sensor exam , the motor is operating typically, troubleshooting. Why then the harm to the engine intake strain sensor can not certainly be a automobile? In accordance with the operating principle of the engine electronic manage procedure , we can easily begin to see the level of electronically controlled gas injection engine start instantly by the motor handle unit is built-in calculated in accordance to motor speed , drinking water temperature, consumption air temperature and consumption air stress sign. At this time the motor consumption tension signal control device acquisition may be the default. Soon after commencing the engine , the consumption tension sign to your load as a required signal that we're referring to simple signal , the motor handle unit so that you can determine the basic gasoline injection quantity from the fuel program , after which to other indicators these as water temperature signal to be a correction signal to regulate injection time . At this stage when there is no consumption force sign , the engine management device will not be in a position to ascertain the essential gasoline injection amount .

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