Buick slope did not drive and superior pace ( 1 )

Symptom Customer reaction to his auto after driving the Buick 30000km, purchased when suddenly felt no much less determined, even a small garage entrance ramps usually are not climb on , have pedal to your metal to 3000r/min, can hardly climb soon after Singapore, arrived in one more car starting off speed 77 ~ 88km / h, the pace is quite tricky to go down . Troubleshooting The gear associated with the neutral "N", fuel door , motor pace can attain 5500 ~ 6500r/min, as well as the seem on the motor is running correctly , the motor problems . The car carry with carry , associated with numerous forward, backward equipment, throttle , turn the wheel could be typical , with Arbors hear gearbox bearing on the remaining and proper finishes , observed no abnormal sound sound. The coupling lever into your bearing bracket on the travel sprocket results in being torque converter within the inspection , no noise, no particular abnormality while in the seem transmission . The gearbox and motor dust protect is eliminated on the interface , in the parking gear check out torque converter temperature is normal. The car down, pull out the automatic transmission dipstick , oil was discovered just a little dim in addition to a small touch of oil burning odor , and also belong for the usual point out. Head to your beyond a small slope within the workshop , dangle OD equipment , release the brake pedal , the vehicle didn't go, gas doorway to 3700r/min, the vehicle began to gradually start, then gear connected to a block, devoid of refueling release the accelerator pedal , the car was nonetheless standing nonetheless . The equipment connected to reverse gear "R", a similar problem , just the pedal to your steel the car will shift . Join the ideal car diagnostic tool GM TECH2 inspection observed no DTC fault code. Drove the vehicle to your workshop executed outdoors on the good road check . Following a parked auto out of the blue accelerated , a person foot inside the stop the throttle , do not loosen up until finally the velocity reaches 90km / h after the throttle is launched consistently 6 or 7 times , identified no substantial change 1-2-3-4 stop the method , but additionally come to feel the effect of your shift forward , just experience accelerate more little by little. Then raise the pace to 90km / h, slam the throttle and hold , then the motor velocity has mainly attained the limit, although the pace is just scarcely to 110km / h, can not be accelerated.

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