BMW can't begin troubleshooting

Symptom: a BMW car or truck won't start out . Troubleshooting : car or truck because of substantial drinking water into the plant upkeep , maintenance personnel that engine cylinder head gasket is damaged, replace the cylinder head gasket soon after not an automobile. Use automotive fault diagnostic icom bmw ( or FVDI BMW) reads the data stream : water temperature 29 ℃, the battery voltage is eleven.9V, throttle voltage 0.36V, fault codes are all short-term code to tug from the sensor. Verify the large voltage , spark plugs spark every single are powerful , quite uniform and injector gasoline injection force is usual , the timing is not any issue, the cylinder pressures are ordinary selection. Right after replacing the spark plugs and battery , begin the engine appears to have indicators of fireplace , though the motor vehicle is vain , right after starting up several times, take away the spark plug and found a good deal of gas on it. Commencing the accelerator pedal inside the end , the more apparent signs of the vehicle , but nevertheless cannot start. Will not be the gas injection and ignition will not be synchronized it? The motor is usually a gas injection sequence , making use of the crankshaft situation sensor signal. Use an oscilloscope to check out the operate from the crankshaft posture sensor waveform and located a little bit messy, take out the crankshaft situation sensor , cleaning iron head on a clear waveform regular, a cylinder placement crystal clear. Then if the repairman doesn't replicate the car in to the plant refueling easy , engine seems incredibly tedious. Mechanic think there have already been some clogged catalytic converters as a consequence of lousy acceleration brought on by a fault occasion, but nonetheless not lead to start out. But if the motor valve blockage induced by extreme carbon deposition will lead to the car . Take away the cylinder head and located that each one the coke into your exhaust manifold , has very seriously blocked the consumption and exhaust valves . Take away the ingestion manifold , clear the inner coke , refitted once the check, the engine sleek start .

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